Aziz Azion to launch Wampisa by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

He’s among those artists who has made a name in the R&B category and regards himself as the Guitar emperor but to the general public, he’s known as Aziz Azion.

Having topped charts with hits like Yegwe, Nkumila Omukwano, Nakupenda among others, Aziz is set to launch his latest album dubbed “Wampisa” at Kati Kati restaurant on the 25th of this month, satellite beach mukono on the 26th and at calendar rest house on the 27th.

Juliana, Goodlyf, Mariam Ndagire, GNL, Swangz Avenue, Rabadaba and Pastor Wilson Bugembe have all confirmed their participation on this album that promises to be exhilarating.

Entrance for the kati kati show will be 10,000 for the general happiness while VIP personnel will have to part with 30,000.
Those who will make it at satellite beach mukono and calendar rest house will pay 5,000 respectively.

Meet Aziz Azion

Real Names: Aziz Mukasa
Created the name Azion himself from what fans used to call him “Azinonya”

Musical Journey

Aziz started learning guitar in 1998 in a band called Makuye Kandongo Kamu group. He later joined The late Paul Kafeero’s group called Kulabako Guitar Singer, where he spent one year and a half. He later joined Kato Lubwama’s Diamond Production where he spent 2 years and he later became known as the young boy who plays guitar. After this he joined Eagles’ production where he spent a couple of months before him and his band mates agreed to form a band that would play for all artists thus the formation of Jeckaki Band.

Tuesday, April 05th, 2011

Aziz to launch “Oxygen”

Looks like launches are underway. Aziz Azion is yet to launch his second Album “Oxygen”. The dates are 24th , 25th and 26th June 2011 at Kati Kati, Calendar Rest Hotel and KK beach respectively.  The Album includes songs like “Oxygen, Baliwa and many more. Aziz is famously known for his guitar skills  and promises his fans the best. Aziz says “Warm up for the best ever live music event for 2011”

Vampos/Michael Ross against Aziz showdown by 1544c Ssejjombwe.(+256 782233273)

Looks like artists are starting off from where they left off last year with holding concerts on the same date.

Forget the Bebe vs Bobi Wine saga and the Goodlyf/ Grace Showdown now the latest is the battle between Vampos alongside Michael Ross against Aziz Azion.
Vampos who has never held any concert in his 10 year music career will be teaming up with Michael Ross in a duo concert dubbed “Fire concert” at Kyadondo rugby club while Aziz Azion will be holding his second concert “Oxygen” at Kat kati restaurant the same venue he launched “Wampisa” last year.

Aziz Azion has been riding high on tracks like “Oxygen and Baliwa” while Vampino has topped charts with songs like “Kwekunyakunya rmx, Luv to dance, Onzita and Ndongo”.
Come the 24th of June, the battle lines will be drawn to find out who will be able to pull it off.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Aziz steps aside for Vampos and Michael Ross by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Should we say brotherhood has finally come back to the entertainment industry? For the info we received a couple of days back trully showed us that the music industry is growing to the right direction. Barelly three weeks back, we came across info that Vampino together with Michael Ross were slated to hold a joint concert on the same day Aziz will be launching his “nkimanyi Okimanyi” album. But just last week, we learnt that Aziz had decided to push his concert to a later date which he’ll be communicating. Aziz confirmed this info during the Radio and Weasel concert at Africana last Friday saying “ I have decided to push my album launch from the 24th of next month to a date I’ll be communicating soon.” Now that the mystification is over, Vampino promises all his fans the best come the 24th of June at lugogo show grounds. “We are in the final Preparations of the concert so come and witness the craziest show ever by two Ugandan artists on the same stage.” Vampino said about his upcoming “On fire” concert with Michael Ross.

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Aziz Azion postpones show

Aziz Azion postponed his show to date that is yet to be announced by his management. His reasons for changing the show are yet to be known. (Hope it is not Jennifer Musisi and the time set for shows 10PM). The original show was set for 15th June at the Kampala Serena Hotel. This news was announced on his facebook wall and he apologizing to all his fans. “ To fans, supporters and well-wishers of AZIZ AZION. We are postponing our June 15th Serena concert to a date we are yet to let you know. Thanks for the support as always. ONE LOVE