Meet Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera has gone through her trials and tribulations as part of the trio Grace, Gatimo and Paragon of “Ani akumanyi” (who knows you) fame. After the trio split she went silent for a while and she’s came back with a hit “Anfukula” that’s been doing its round on Uganda’s radio scene for a while now and has just released “Kiba Kuki”. She’s now all grown up into a focused business woman as the owner of Pinky Ladies saloon located at Backlines’ House (Katatumba suites) and mother too. Music Uganda caught up with her;

MU:  Tell us about Grace’s personality like?
Grace: I am a people’s person, I have a strong personality; I like to hang with good people around me.

MU: What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Grace: The first thing I do in the morning is check on my daughter Mariah Shanel. I sleep with her.

MU: So where’s Grace from?
Grace: Grace is from a village in Muyanga, Bukasa.

MU:  What was your personality like while growing up?
Grace: I was a very shy child. I’ve not really come over it yet.

MU: When did you venture into music as an art?
Grace: My first performance was when I was seven years old with my brother Junior, who is also my manager. And from that moment on, I knew I wanted to do my music and I pushed it on till today.

MU: Now that you’re a mom, how do you balance between being a mother and your musical career?
Grace: You see when you’re at home you’re a mum but when you’re on stage you’re an artist, you’re a Diva. It’s basically about how you take care of your life’s responsibilities.

MU: When you recorded “Ani Akumanyi” You were a trio with Grace, Gatimo and
Paragon, now you went single how are you handling as a single act?
Grace: It’s not a joke. You have to keep pushing on hard. People are seldom used to seeing you as a group but then out of the blue you come out as a solo artist. So you coming out alone is quite a brave move so it wasn’t a joke for me but its paying off well because people are now accepting me as a solo artist and I thank and respect them for that.

MU: What do you think is your position as a Ugandan female recording artist in Uganda today?
Grace: Well, I Think my presence is very strong, can see and notice that. On stage am a great entertainer and I have a presence there. I am also perceived as a responsible individual by my fans as a mother and business woman and all that so my presence is right there and I am still reaching for the skies.

MU: Do you write your own songs?
Grace: I write my own songs but I also do write with a friend of mine called Peter Ntege who’s really a good song writer. He’s co-written all my songs.

MU: What does Grace do in her free time?
Grace: I usually spend time with my Daughter and Husband.

MU: What’s your favorite drink/food?
Grace: My favorite drink is passion juice and my favorite food is Rice Matooke and Peas.

MU: What makes you laugh really hard?
Grace: As in ha ha ha? Well I think that’s jokes.

MU: What’s your shoe size?
Grace: My shoe size is 6 as in 38.

MU: DO you listen to your music all the time or you take time off to listen to other artist’s music as well? Plus which artist have you bee listening to?
Grace: I listen to all sorts but I listen to other music to grow. Like this morning I was listening to Madonna’s like a Virgin. I think it great music there.

MU: Is there anything about Grace that the world might not know about?
Grace: I can’t stand cockroaches (wild laugh).

MU: Are you into any kind of sports?
Grace: Rugby gets my attention.

MU: What do you do before any stage performance?
Grace: I warm up my vocals.

MU: Where do you see grace in the next two years?
Grace: Basically I am going to be a Diva in the region and the world.

MU: As a lady how are you trying to empower fellow ladies in Uganda?
Grace: I bring it as a joke like in my song “Ani akumanyi” but I am trying to tell the ladies to stand up and be strong in all endeavors.

MU: Might you do some collabos in the future?
Grace: Well I think P-Square is good, professor J Am open I will experiment and try to make some good music.

MU: What’s your favorite color?
Grace: My favorite color is Red.

MU: Any message to your fans all over?
Grace: I want to tell them that all they have to do is work hard and do whatever they have to do because nobody will do it for you just to avoid regrets.

Contact Grace on: +256-772-791000

Here is what your artists would have become if they were not musicians By Isaac ssejjombwe.

Here is our second edition of what our favorite artists would have become incase they hadn’t done music and like last week, we are looking at two different musicians.


Being a people’s person, independent and an entertainer, Grace began her musical career professionally in 2004 with Gatimo in Ani Akumanyi before going solo.

On spot with Grace Nakimera by Isaac Ssejombwe                              

Beyond reasonable doubt, Grace is perhaps the most successful female artist there has been so far. With 5 years in the game, Grace has conquered the music fraternity in the East African region and with hits Sukuma, Anfukula, kiva kuki, welaga ki and the recent Kawonawo; the striving has a vision of dominating the African continent through music.

I caught up with the ever smiling Artist at her pinky saloon and below follows the details of what’s happening with one of Uganda’s finest.

Rumor has it that you got saved and that Kawonawo is the last song from Grace. Is this true?
Let me clarify that I’m a staunch Christian and music is my Profession and Kawonawo is simply the beginning coz I have a lot in stock for all my fans. I’m just going continue with entertaining the fans and won’t stop at anything.

Grace Nakimera: Everybody Knows Her Now by Peter Allen Kigonya

If she is not the hottest thing on ground in the music business, right now in Kampala, then she sure does come close. Her name is Grace Nakimera. She is one of those very few artists in Uganda that is able to get away by being addressed simply by their first name. Typically this is not easily accomplished, and when you have a common name such as "Grace", it's even harder. But not for Grace.

Grace’s Nvawonawe by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Grace is perhaps the only female artist to conquer the music industry within the shortest time possible with her top of the charts hits like Kawonawo, Sukuma, Anfukula, Kiva kuki among others. To keep up her supremacy in the industry, Grace has again outed yet another splendid track known as “Nvawonawe”.

Being handy at what she does, Grace blended Nvawonawe with some soukous and Dancehall making it suitable for all classes of people and Like her previous tracks, Kiwuuwa of Grace Records is the guy behind the production of this magnificent hit while Kim of XP is behind the cameras.

Grace Nakimera: Nvawo Nawe

Grace Nakimera: Part two of our interview in June. By Peter Allen Kigonya

Continues from: Grace Nakimera: Ani Akumanyi

OK... so it's a few months now and yes, we do want to continue with the interview with Grace. Grace's interview took place right after the shooting of the Kawonawo video in June 2009. Of course she has since released another video... Nvawo Nawe.

Grace’s Onyambaga Mukama by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Grace Nakimera has for long been ruling the music industry with such hits as Kawonawo, Kiva Kuki, Nvawonawe, Anfukula among others but no single song beats her latest “Onyambanga Mukama”.

Onyambanga Mukama is a gospel track that looks at evil in society and is a redone version of Kabuye Ssemboga’s Onyambanga. Blended in afro and some Ragga, Grace displays all the wrong doings in society like false prophets who have turned preaching into businesses hence asking God to at least send a helping hand to save all those who have been diverted.

However, Grace refutes all allegations of being saved for re-doing this particular song saying that it’s a “God Help us” song aimed at inciting evil in society.

Produced at Grayce records by Henry Kiwuuwa the guy behind most of her songs, Onyambanga mukama is different from Kabuye Ssemboga’s track via vocal ability, heavy beat, difference in verses and the buck up vocal.

The song is already receiving sufficient airplay on most radio stations in the country with just a week of its release.

Grace, Goodlyfe to launch on the same day by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Apparently, the hottest rumor around town is that Diva Grace Nakimera and the Goodlyf duo of Moze Radio and Weasel are slated to hold their album launches on the same day come may this year.

Being her first maiden album since joining the industry, Grace is due to launch her Kawonawo album either at KCC grounds or Kati kati restaurant while the Goodlyf are due to launch their Ngenda mumaso album at Kyadondo rugby club or Africana.

Both artists have made an impact on the entertainment industry for the past two years with Grace fronting the charts with tunes like Anfukula, Kiva Kuki, Sukuma, Kawonawo and her latest Onyambaga mukama. Radio and Weasel since their departure from Leone Island have released hits such as Ability, Kuku, Potential, Ngenda  mumaso, Chamila among others that have gone ahead to put them among the top guns in the industry. This reminds us of the battle of the Titans last year during Bebe and Bobi’s album launches were the two artists pulled the biggest crowd ever during an album launch.

Well, let’s just wait and see who’ll be the best of the day but I think this is total madness.

Grace declines to adjourn launch by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

With approximately two weeks left for the heated battle of the Titans slated for the 14th of this month, Grace Nakimera has refused to postpone her debut album launch as earlier advised by her organizer Balaam.

Balaam regarded as the most successful event’s organizer in Uganda read (Sabavulu) advised Grace to opt for another date besides 14th to avoid clashing with the Goodlyfe but the song Diva thought otherwise by going ahead to even start pining up posters and flyers advocating for her launch scheduled for the 14th.

Besides Grace and the Goodlyfe, April 14th will have promoters, events companies and curtain raisers to prove. Balaam who has teamed up with Silk Events to ensure Grace’s launch turns out a success will be tussling it out with Events warehouse who are organizing the Goodlyfe launch.

Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleon, Juliana, Mesach Ssemakula will be curtain raising for Grace while Radio and Weasel have General Ozzy famously known for collabos like Potential and I need a girl, GNL, Rabadaba, Cindy among others for support.

KCC grounds will be Grace’s home ground with 30,000 VIP and 10,000 for the general happiness as entrance fee while Africana people’s space will be housing the Goodlyfe with 20,000 for General and 40,000 as VIP.

On coming back from Arua, I was welcomed by horrible news that Grace Nakimera was burnt with acid after performing at the Street Jam. This is approximately 11 days to her launch. Sources say that unknown guy actually powered urine on Grace after she was leaving stage. Police later apprehended the guy.  Whether it was acid or Urine… one cannot really tell or whether it is a publicity stunt. I guess we will all never know.

Music Uganda wishes both the artists successful launches come May 14th, 2010.

Grace Nakimera in concert by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Clad in a black overcoat, with a shiny golden bra and black tight pants plus long yellow boots, Grace backed by soul beat band took to the stage at 11:30pm with singles Ayi ayi, Anfukula and Nvawo nawe in her first session of her performance.

The second session, saw her perform Ani akumanyi, Welaga Ki, Rock your body, sukuma, Kawonawo, Onyambanga and Climaxing with Kiva Kuvi in what by far is the most successful concert by a female artist.

With Balaam, the best music promoter in the country apparently behind the wheels, Grace’s launch was everything an international concert going by the state of the art stage that fits the description of the one R.Kelly used while on his visit to Kampala.

Pinky Salon demolished by 1544C Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

She might be ranked among the top guns in the music industry considering the success of her maiden album launch at KCC grounds approximately a month ago but singer Grace Nakimera has lost what is perhaps her only income generating business by the look of things.

The posh Salon that was situated at Katatumba suits near theatre Labonita was dismantled last week for reasons we haven’t yet identified.

May be it was just relocated to another place or Grace just got fed up of her profession which she undertook as her course back then in Kenya to fully concentrate on music. 

It is through Pinky Salon that Grace has been generating all her income to boost her music and make high quality videos like “Anfukula, Nvawo nawe, Sukuma and her latest Onyambanga Mukama” among others.

Pinky Salon has been the best hair dressing shop in Kampala lately with customers ranging from corporates, artists and showbiz personalities frequenting the place daily.

They had a variety of services including hair plaiting, Pedicure and Manicure, Facials and so on.

Efforts to reach Grace for a comment have been ineffective as she has refused to pick up our calls neither replying our texts but incase of anything, we shall keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011

Grace bounces back with “sexy sexy” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

I believe over releasing songs is one of the poorest strategies to use in the music industry. Reason being, the audience will not perceive the song in its rightful manner and one artist who prefers giving songs time is Grace Nakimera. The songstress has been off the music industry for some time now and tabloids had started running stories that she had lost her touch but all that can be said if you haven’t listened to “sexy sexy”. Produced by Kiwuuwa at Grayce records, “sexy” is the latest track from the artist and it’s a fusion of Afro and dancehall. Released two weeks back, the track is already on the African countdown on Sanyu FM.

Everything on the song is straight on point right from the voice, instruments, lyrics and the production. The “Kawonawo” artist says “Sexy” is something she’s always wanted to do three years back and believes this is the right timing to release it. The video of this respective song is slated to commence in two weeks time.

Click here to listen to Sexy Sexy by Grace Nakimera and read more about Grace Nakimera

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Grace’s “sexy sexy” video by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

She’s one Ugandan whose trademark is making the best videos ever since her debut as an artist. I mean look at “Anfukula”, Kawonawo, Onyambanga” just to mention a few. And the latest to fall in that category is “Sexy sexy” which was released a couple of weeks back. On average, this video is played not less than two times a day on every channel making it the most heavily rotated and requested video so far.    Shot by skyrock/ark menz who by the way shoots most of her videos, Sexy video was shot in two locations (Silk royal and UMA show grounds) with the storyboard having sexy girls in a carnival setting theme. With a combination of various dance groups and a few extras, the video is Huge on color, neatly edited, great camera angles, gloss, fine makeup, artistic costumes and fantastic choreography. Alongside Brenda Nanyonjo, Grace made the costumes and Denis of dance studios was behind the choreography. After three weeks of camping, the video took three days of shooting and the scenes were taken night and day.

Nice song awesome video.