1 on 1 with Halima Namakula

We, the 80’s kids (as many would like to refer to us) grew up dancing to “Ekimbewo” by Halima Namakula. The strokes were not so complicated just touching the head and waist, wow this was a household song. Besides being known as “Miss Kimbewo” she is also referred to as the “The Mother of all artists”.  Music Uganda meets Halima and she talks about her 10th year in the music entertainmebt industry. She will be celebrating her musical anniversary at Serena Hotel on the 8th June 2008 in a. Diva’s Unite Live concert.

Her Music Career.

Halima began her journey in 1998 with “Ekimbeewo” which was an instant hit. Her consecutive chart toppers such as “Omusajja waa Taxi”, “Tuzina”, “Cheza”, “Sambagala” ft Bebe Cool that was nominated best Afro beat song at the PAM AWARDS, “Africa Yetu” was nominated for best African culture song at the Kora awards 2004 with the highest nomination Best East African Female artist “Watoto wa Mungu” that gave her a big nomination for best East African Female artist 2005. She will be launching her new album “Ntuuse jendaga” which includes her new hit single “Kibaduguda”

Halima the mom:

Halima has proudly raised four children as a single mother. Her oldest son Hemdee graduated at California state University with a degree in Arts. Rashid her second son graduated at Tulsa University in Oklahoma with his masters degree in Computer technology, Khristopher is finishing his degree in Business and Rachel is currently attending Kampala international university in Mass Comm. Halima has taught, and nurtured them to be the best they can be, to be an achiever in whatever they take on.

The business woman:

Halima is also a business woman working with the movers and shakers of this country to improve the entertainment industry in Uganda. She runs a Recording company No-End Entertainment which promotes and produces some of the most well known Ugandan Artists today as well as promotes upcoming artists.  She is the founder of Beat fm radio and hosted a talk show a moment with Halima, which was aired in Uganda and in Los Angeles.

What makes Halima a true diva?

Her contribution to society does not end with her influence in the music industry…she is determined to educate, and aid women who are less fortunate; women who struggle either financially, struggle in their domestic lives, struggle in their family lives. Halima works to inspire, motivate and educate the importance of self belief especially in women. One of the many ways she has achieved this is through Women At Work International, a non profit organization, of which she is founder and chair woman.

This is not all, Halima has worked with Water Aid and the ministry of Health on the campaign for water sanitation and health, a nationwide program that cut across grass root levels.

Her love for life, success in music, and determined attitude has helped mend people’s lives, helped focus women to enable them to become self empowered, and confident human beings.

As an actress:

Halima is an actress both in Uganda and America. She played the role of Michelle on That’s life Mwattu and participated in several stage plays as a member of Black Pearls and recently participated in a play called Dawn of the Pearl. In America Halima has appeared in commercials, and many music videos her first one was in Wyclef jean “Until November” and Movies like “Why fools fall in Love”.

Thanks in my music career go to:

Allah, the man above of all.  For never letting me down. My mother Afuwa Namuddu, for bringing me up the right way and became a woman that I am today. My children Rachel, Khris, Rashid and Hemdee for making me proud and giving me the best name, super Mom. My whole family for the never ending support and Love. My main man Harold Brown, for your love, patience and being there over the years.
My entire friend for loving me unconditionally, Hajat Tonda thanks for loving me unconditionally you are a Diva to me.  Sudhir Ruperelia your kind words made me brave when I thought I was falling apart during the “Kimbewo” 2000 tour. Sam Patel, thanks for being a true and caring  friend, please do not stop believing in me.  Rehma Kasule a friend and a sister who cries when I cry, who laughs with me during good times. You are dear to me. Nuruh Namakula, a sister and a friend who make me see life differently you sure are a true sister. Mr. Wavamunno, a dear friend and a mentor in business. I look up to you and thanks for the water. Sylivia Owor, A friend and an Idol to me, you remind me of myself when I was your age.  Very confident and a hustle. Anne Babinaga, A dear friend that never fails to provide an answer when I have a problem. Joel Radio capital Manager, a young friend of mine whos respect and honesty brings the best out of me. Hemdee my son, my best friend and my mananger.  As my son you make me proud, as my friend you are real, honest and caring and as a manager, you are hard working tough, and there is a saying in Luganda, “nti Nogwozadde akubira engoma nozina”. You are also my mentor. Dr. Lydia Mungerera  Thanks for being a true friend and partner for so many years in sensitizing communities on HIV/AIDS APEDIMIC. Mama Angelina Wapakabulo, your smile, your love and your encouragement is what I always crave from you. Televisions, Like WBS, NTV, NBS RECORD TV, UBC AND E. AFRICAN TELEVISION, the publicity you have given me over the years is unbelievable.
Partnering NGOs and Funding organizations, like AFFORD, ACTION AID, UNICEF, UNAIDS, AMICALL, TASO, MAMA’S CLUB, Market vendors and Ministry of Health.
Thanks for our partnership.  No-End Entertainment staff members and WAWI members, thanks for working with me. My Audio and video producers over the years,
Deno, Fofo Lukata, Steve Jean, Hemdee, Denis Rackla, Vincent, Moses Mukalazi and Henry Kiwuwa. Video Rama, WBS, DEDUC, NYONJO AND No-End Entertainment. You made me stand here today.The Newapaper Journalists from New Vision, Monitor, Redpepper, Bukedde, Weekly observer and East African News. Thanks for the Positive and Negative publicity. The magazines, such as African woman, Sunday magazine and City beat. You have passed on my stories and made me look so pretty thanks for choosing me.  All the Radio stations in Uganda that made me cross over the entire country. I have love for you. To all my fans that believed in me until today, Banange mbagala nnyo. All different sponsors that supported me over the years, I thank you on behalf of the musicians, without your support our music wouldn’t get anywhere. Last but not least, I want to thank the whole UBL team that have believed in me and No-End entertainment during the Tevin Campbell show,, TOK show and during the KCI&JOJO rainy day. You definitely have love for Musicians. To Oscar Mulira the marketing manager of V&A who have worked hard to make sure the DIVAS UNITE is a success.  V&A as the slogan says, ITS SAYS LOT ABOUT YOU you have made the Divas shine.


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Wednesday, 26th January, 2011

Halima Namakula releases new rmx

Known for redoing nursery rhymes and making them hits, Halima has released a new jam. It is titles Ekyoyo and this is a remix that features a lady called Kafee from Nigeria. It was recorded at No End Studios by Denno.  The song is basically about longing for someone that you love could be anyone a friend or loved one. Halima is known for hits like Ekimbewo, Ekibaguguda, Tonkutula and many more


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