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Juliana Comes of Age

Crossing over from a Karaoke singer to one of the biggest divas in your home country is no easy task. Juliana Kanyomozi on the verge of releasing her ten-track debut solo album is one feat to envy. Her latest pop reggae single Nabikoowa (I got tired of it) is burning up local music charts fast (entering Capital radios KT20 two days after release) indicating she is not slowing on churning hits.

The former Karaoke singer explores a turbulent relationship and the resolve to move on. Ndifuna omulala (Ill find another one), Newoli kolotya, wampisa buubi naange nakukwaawa nabikoowa (whatever you do, you treated me bad and I gave you up I got tired of it). Contrary to speculation it was personal, Juliana refutes asserting, its only about things that happen to so many people caught up in relationships that do not work out. She adds sometimes in relationships we need to accept and move on. You have to be strong.

Nabikoowa recorded at Steve Jeans Fenon records, has imprints of a hit: simplicity in lyrics, a widely appealing message, powerful honeyed vocals (with superb octaves), great ad-libs, sweet melody, memorable hook, sparse instrumentation allowing her voice, words and theme to be heard and clean professional production delivered by Steve. It features on her upcoming album slated for July on the same company.

She promises three songs in local pop (luganda) a style she has progressed to from raw slick r&b and easily defined as a fusion of r&b and local pop with Caribbean elements surrounding her distinct voice. Her last two efforts taata wa baana (father of the kids) with Bobi Wine and their equally successful duet Maama mbiire marked the move. With her new artistic direction came a change in image, she became smartly rugged with a Caribbean fresh look

Her direction has been received with much acclaim from fans and critics and led to a hot billing act hardly out of all major concerts in town and omnipresent in the press with positive reviews. She had this to say of the career adjustment,

I followed a style that worked for me; when I sang in luganda I knew it would make or break me. So I feel OK that I did local because that is what people love and I am sure to please them.

Her singles before going local pop Say it and Seven Days were surprisingly hits against the odds of singing in English in Uganda. Seven Days also received rave reviews at Essex FM in England.

Juliana Kanyomozi has all it takes to international stardom. Stage one is winning hearts of a home audience; she has added to this the drive, beauty, voice, image, maturity and a sense of direction. Her secret to remaining top of the game has been working with the right people and a possession of exceptional talent. She names Steve Jean the hit maker who has enabled her to get the best out of herself and others like Bobi Wine with whom she registered cross over success.

A sneak preview of the album has one ballad dont wanna cry where she will show the innermost depth of her singing. Juliana admits to having made quite a good sum of money from her recent success but intends to sing for the rest of her life even when the money dries.

Her heart has not been short of giving back to her community. She was recently in Rwanda to commemorate the 1994 genocide and returns in July to do a concert with other East African musicians, which proceeds, will be sent to orphanages housing children who lost parents to the genocide. She has also held tours and performances in Gulu (the crux of the northern Uganda conflict) where she has shown solidarity with the victims of was.

Juliana who is happily married first recorded with a group called Ijay (Irene and Juliana) a few years ago, an album that received tremendous critical acclaim. In 2004, she received the pearl of Africa music award for best r&b artiste. The sky has become the limit for one of Ugandas exquisite vocalists.

Juliana: Diva on the prowl

There are social icons that some people will grudgingly accept. There are divas and then there are divas. Some people have to fight for their claim to fame. Others try to hide away from the spotlight but they are so good, even if they run they cannot hide. When you meet Juliana Kanyomozi, Uganda's number one female star, you will understand where I am coming from.

Finding out what makes Juliana tick takes me to Capital FM, her work station and the place from where her voice is broadcast far and and wide everyday. It is a hot afternoon and everyone seems to be scurrying to get out of the way of the cruel rays. But Capital is looking fine. It is so cool,the people in this place look like they live on another continent.

She is dressed in black and she is looking sexy as always. I guess it comes with the territory. The atmosphere here would make even the gloomiest moscovite let out a joyful woop. That explains the laid back voice we hear on radio as Juliana makes the afternoons worth living. And, oh, my recorder does not make her uneasy in the least unless I am “going to use it in a court of law or something,” as early as this, she is letting her hair down. Cool!

“I grew up singing, really and music has always been a part of me,” she tells me. She and a host of Ugandan musicians found their wings at Sabrina's Pub, a place that has been given less attention than it deserves. Back then, she would go and do karaoke and just hang out with the other kids who were coming from school and trying to stay out of their parents hair. This pub was the nest of musicians such as Bebe Cool, Irene who was Juliana's partner, Chameleon and many others. For Juliana, sweet sixteen found her singing her lungs out at the pub and she was enjoying every part of it.

Many of these artistes did the pub routine for a good reason. Big name producers were always around, sniffing for talent and trying to see who would cut the right figure. For Juliana, the first big name to notice her and believe in the power of her voice was Steve Jean. He suprised her on one occasion when after she had done a song, the MC stood up there and announced that Mr. Jean was so impressed with the young girl who had been singing and he had offered to produce a song for her. From then on, as they say the rest was history. She never looked back.

The first time Juliana made an impression on the Ugandan scene was as half of the girl duo, I J. She teamed with Irene, another songstress who left the scene with a lot to offer yet to go to live in France with her fiance then. Well, I guess more pressing issues were at play and we have to accept. The producers who were handling the duo then thought they had voices that complemented each other so well. Indeed, we had some good days, listening to the girls.

So if there is so much talent in this lady, what is keeping back all the other talented people out there? “ There is a very small level of proffessionalism in the industry. Our music is still growing and from the looks of it, it is taking it's time. That definitely will stiffle the talent and the progress will be slow,” she says seriously. Her brow is furrowed as she thinks this over. Is that why we have not heard so many songs from her since she started singing, considering the fact that other artistes seem to be on competition to see who produces the most songs? She is of another view. She believes that everything should be done in its season. There is a time for everything and even with music, one need not sing for the sake of singing lest they tarnish their image.

Listening to her songs, one gets the feeling that only a select audience is allowed to come into the fold. She says she targets the contemporay group which she is very familiar with. She knows that probably, the people in the age bracket of 16-30 will listen to her songs. And she does not try to force her way into markets that will not understand her. That is why she is usually not present at the bivulu (local music grand shows) where there is a lot of Ugandan country music. She will be expected at Miss Uganda or at a street jam or at the launch of some high profile design label, as in the case of the launch of House of Kaine, which understandably attracted a list of who is who in Kampala. House of Kaine belongs to Natasha Kainembabazi, President Museveni's first daughter.

And Juliana was a hot item. She was especially asked by the first daughter. And she did thrill them. One of the highlights of that memorable night, something that will stand out in the memories of everyone who was there was Juliana's cheeky rendition of the Uganda national anthem. No one had done that before. “ At first I was thinking, will the president let me off lightly after this adultrated version? I asked Natasha if I could get away with it she,” laughs as she remembers the shock on everyone's face when she performed.

Watoto wa' mungu is a deep song that was put together by a galaxy of female East African stars, the likes of Titi, Halima and Trishlla. It has been given considerable time on TV. The other person… …Swahili started with radio jingles; she had to do them in different languages and swahili was always one of those languages. She fell in love.

And she is in love with his son! One is one year and eight months old. Keron is the other man in her life and she is loving each day she wakes up to know that he is in her life. In a few words, she loves him to bits. She did a song solely for him. You are my Centre , written by Kawesa went on to become one of the best dance tracks on radio and also one of her best songs ever. When the little man grows up, he will be proud to be told every time it is played that that is his song.

She is also into fashion. She and her sister inlaw, Jennifer have opened up a boutique and they have appropriately christened it Juliana ‘n' Voyage. She is planning to go into fashion design big time and the future is bright. This is reflected in her fashion sense. You will always find her prim and proper. Her fashion sense has always been good yet it is being enhanced by her association with Jennifer who is a critic. She is in the right circles, you would say.

And even as we wind up this meet, the lady in question is still rearing to go. The lithe body tells of strength within, strength controlled. Juliana controls many things, given her busy life. She will be at some show later on or some meeting or she will be heard throwing a joke on air. The listeners will be happy to know that the person behind the voice is a real star who will take opportunity as it comes. She has done it before and she's going to do it again.

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Uganda’s true diva by Steven Tendo

Juliana Kanyomozi is arguably Uganda’s most visible, most talented female musician today. She has come a long way from her early days as a teenager hanging out at karaoke bars, trying to catch the eye of admiring music producers. She is definitely not the young starry-eyed novice who faithfully acted the role of Iryn Namubiru’s sidekick in the girl group I-Jay back in 1999.

Club Nile, Mama Africa & Club H62 Presents live the Queen of the vibes; Juliana Kanyomozi

She is known for hits like Say Yes, Nabikoowa, Nkulinze, Useinde Mali,  Silina Mulala, Wesigame Kunze,  Malaika Wange, Philly Lutaaya ft Juliana "Diana" She has also worked with Bobi Wine on the songs Taata Wa Banna Yanni (meaning who is the father of the kids) and Mama Mbiire. In 2004, she won the best R&B artist category at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards).  In 2005 she won the best R&B artist and best R&B single categories at the PAM Awards. In 2008, she was voted artist of the year and best female artiste of the year and she was voted East Africa's Fashion Icon in 2008.

Juliana is artist of the year by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Saturday 1st Nov 2008 is a day that Juliana Kanyomozi will leave to remember as she became the first female artist to win the artists of the year accolade in the annual Pearl of Africa Music Awards held at Shimoni grounds.

Juliana in Amsterdam

Juliana’s Concert in Amsterdam was a night to remember! She couldn’t even believe how popular she is, in Amsterdam! People got crazy the time she went on stage. She was singing together with the crowd! Everybody in the hall was singing, dancing, and try to reach Juliana! She looked very smart in her black suit, showing her nice figure, together with her wonderful voice!

Juliana Kanyomozi apologizes to Denmark fans

Juliana, Uganda’s PAM Awards artist of the year was supposed to perform in Denmark this weekend 28th, February. After 2 successful shows in Sweden and Holland (From a reliable source, Juliana should be heading back to Sweden some time this year, her Swedish fans want her back), she would like to apologize to all her fans that the Denmark show will not be able to perform at the Denmark show. This is because the promoter of the show, (Name withheld) was disorganized. He did not send the flight, hotel bookings and artist payment in the agreed time. Therefore, Juliana and her manager Eddy Ndawula would not risk staying in a foreign country assuming that there was a show without proper arrangements so, they came back home.

From Juliana, “It’s nothing personal and she is willing to perform in Denmark and work with and Danish promoter as long as they meet her requirements”

Many a times we have heard of incidences where a promoter comes up and says that the artist robbed them, they say that the artist was fully paid and he or she refused to perform, in most cases never even left the country. And many of us fans end up supporting and feeling sorry for the promoter (Am not saying that such circumstances do not exist, artists are continuously money from promoters and they cook up a funny reasons and refusing to perform and many of us have been victims to such artist).  In this case, the promoter was in the wrong.

Once again she apologizes to her Danish fans for not being able to perform on the 28th February

Juliana, Bobi, Chameleon to accompany Mayinja by Ultimate Media

The Eagles Production’s star singer, Ronald Mayinja is set to stage three album launches in Kampala and Mukono districts. Mayinja will launch his Land Lord album on Friday July 10th at Hotel Africana in Kampala. On Saturday July 11th Mayinja will stage another launch at Collin’s Hotel in Mukono. The last launch will take place on Sunday at Gaba Beach in Kampala.

At Hotel Africana, the revealers will pay 50,000 shillings for high table seats and the ordinary fans will pay 20,000 shillings. The fans, who will wish to attend the launch from Gaba and in Mukono will each pay 5,000 shillings. The Eagles Production star will be accompanied by musicians Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon, Juliana Kanyomozi, The Obsessions, Amalula Family and Dr. Tee among others.

Mayinja’s Land Lord album has six songs. In the song landlord Mayinja exposes some of the problems caused to people by land grabbers. The album also has two love songs called Kweka (hide) and Londa enumbayo (pick your love number).

Mayinja is known for composing love and controversial political songs. Some of the controversial songs Mayinja has composed include Tulikubunkenke feena (people on political tension), Africa teli ayamba (no one available to help Africa) and Tube kyakulabirako (let us be role models).

Juliana’s come back by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

Close to two years out of the music industry, Juliana Kanyomozi, outgoing Pam award artist of the year winner is finally back to doing what she does best.
Juliana has released a hit called Haturundi ft Kidum produced by RKay the guy behind Nameless’ musical success.

Haturundi Nyuma is about marital problems were a woman leaves her husband over accusations that he’s cheating her with some mysterious woman. Efforts by the husband to explain to the wife that what she heard were just rumors proved futile as she continues defying him.

However the song bird later forgives his man for she finds out that the rumors were never true about his relationship. This time round, Juliana has aimed at uniting East Africa as she blended this tune in Lunyarwanda and Luganda. Juliana’s last mega release was last year’s kibaluma which helped her scoop various accolades in different awards. Being one of the judges at the just concluded Tusker project fame in Kenya, Haturundi looks like Juliana’s come back after a long period of absentee.

Juliana back with “Kantambule nawe”

Juliana is back with a brand new single “Kantambule nawe”, produces at Grayce Studios by Henry Kiwuwa.  The song was written by Grace Morgan. The new hit is releases simultaneously with a magic artistic video. Juliana started her career in 1996 at the age of 16. Throughout her career she has recorded ground breaking hits like Say it, Mama Mbire, Taata wa Baana, Nabikoowa, Kibaluma, Usiende Mbali and many and many are yet to come.

Juliana speaks out by Isaac Ssejjombwe.

With over 15 awards on her name, Juliana is perhaps the most successful female artist in the region. Juliana has achieved what no other has in the music industry and she attributes this to hard work and dedication.
Having two hits topping charts off her latest album, Juliana on return from her musical break has some astonishing collaborations on this album as we are yet to find out in the detailed interview.
After a few phone calls, I caught up with Juliana to discuss what’s transpiring in her life and below is our dialogue.

Juliana’ “Guttuke” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-078-2-233273)

Songstress and top Diva Juliana Kanyomozi last week released the video of her latest “Gutuuke” track off her 15 track album.

“Gutuuke” is a duet with Afrigo Band’s lead singer Moses Matovu and was shot by Hosea Jemba of Arkhos in a certain warehouse with the V-Dancers acting as Juliana’s buck-up dancers.

Exposing her diversity in different fields, Juliana together with the Just Dance project proprietor Jessie Kakooza came up with the choreography of the video.
To make the video more appealing, the “Kantambule nawe” artist this time round also participated in the dance moves by pulling rare strokes like never before.

The video is heavy on color and the camera angles are well displayed despite the fact that the scene was in one location.

With “Kantambule nawe” and Guttuke already receiving ample airplay, Juliana’s album indicates to be one if not the best this year.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Peter Miles and Juliana Kanyomozi release song

Both are considered king and queen in their respective genres. Peter Miles, king of dancehall… Juliana (nanyini doboozi) have released a new Road Block production called “Oja” meaning “Am coming”. In this song we hear Juliana slightly stepping out of her comfort zone and singing some Patua which she nails perfectly. She changed her style which shows her diversity. The song talks about a couple that wait eagerly for each other, they keep waiting and in the end they meet as it will show in the video. In an interview with Peter Miles, he believes that Juliana’s voice is the sweetest female voice that we have.  Peter and Juliana have always wanted to work together and this was the perfect time. They are working on another project which will be released later.

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Juliana Kanyomozi releases Lib’ Essanyu

With the wedding months coming up…this is one perfect song for the occasion. (It really should miss your line-up). Juliana has released a brand new single “Lib Essanyu”. This is basically a love song. Talks about a man who weighs a lot in her life, how she will always wait for him and she is the one she wants. It basically talks about a sacrificing anything for the one you love. The song was written by Grace Morgan and produced by Henry Kiwuuwa. Enjoy!

Friday, January 07th, 2011

Juliana to walk down the aisle soon by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

Just like you our dear reader’s, we were also caught unawares about Juliana’s wedding plans in February to someone still mysterious.

Getting us by surprise, we believe there is some reality in this info because the “Nabikowa artist releases love songs whenever she’s in love for what more reasons justifies tracks like “Guttuke, Kantambule Nawe, Nonze Gwe,Libe Esanyu” among others. This also dates back when she outed “Silina Mulala and Malaika Wange during the times she was dating former world boxing champion Kassim Ouma.

The tusker project fame judge was quoted live on XXL saying she’s seeing someone at the moment.“It’s true I’m seeing someone who I’m yet to disclose to the public. He’s a caring, intelligent, down to earth and loving person.” She added. A rumor has it that Juliana has secretly been seeing fellow artist Peter Miles, she refutes the allegations saying Peter is just a good friend of hers.

Well let’s just keep our fingers crossed for what might become the biggest wedding of the year.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Juliana releases new song- “Alive Again”

Juliana is considered the song-bird of Uganda. After a longtime in silence she has released a new song, “Alive Again”. As per the rumors in the papers, Juliana is not pregnant and the song is a dedication to her son and nothing to do with her personal life.

The song was produced by RKay from Kenya and written by Tusker Project Winner Esther Nabaasa. The song is a love song, about someone meeting someone and feeling alive again. The person had initially given up on love and found a new reason to love and would do anything just to be with the person they love.

Monday, April 11th, 2011

1 on 1 with Juliana Kanyomozi

There are social icons that some people will grudgingly accept. There are divas and then there are divas. Some people have to fight for their claim to fame. Others try to hide away from the spotlight but they are so good, even if they run they cannot hide. When you meet Juliana Kanyomozi, Uganda's number one female star, you will understand where I am coming from.
Juliana released her last album in 2007 titled “Kanyimbe”. At the moment Juliana is working on her third album and touring outside the country. She has also been working on projects like the 3rd and 4th seasons of Tusker Project Fame. Others are private projects, she prefers not to talk about them and get them published now, when the time is right she will let the public know know.

The enormous gap between songs
It’s just her style of doing songs. Spacing her music works out for her and gives her time to choose her next song to be released.

Direction of Music/Career
She has been singing for the Ugandan audience, as an artist one should grow her fanbase beyond the borders now she is trying to cater for the international market those who do not understand what “Kibaluma” or “Lib’essanyu” means. While catering for the international she will also look after the local

Upcoming Album
She is in the studio right now but has not decided what tracks will be on the album. She is working with different producers like Steve Jean, Henry Kiwuwa, Just Jose, Hermiz and RKAY from Kenya and one of the judges from Tusker Project Fame. She has co-written most of the songs on her album and she gets her inspiration from her feelings, how she feels when she is in studio.
She has released  some songs like;

  • Kantambule Nawe: written by Grace Morgan and produced by Kiwuwa at Grace Records
  • Guttuke: Featuring Moses Matovu of Afrigo Band, Written by Peter Nawe and produced by Kiwuwa.
  • Lib Essanyu: Produced by Kiwuwa.
  • Alive Again: Written by Esther  Nabaasa, winner of Tusker Project Fame and produced by RKAY from Kenya

Saturday, June 04th, 2011

Juliana remixes “Alive Again” with Vampino by 1544 Sssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

“Luv to dance” and “Kwekunyakunya” remixes have made dancehall sensation Vampino one of the most craved artistes in the region. Possibly, that’s why Song bird Juliana Kanyomozi has also embarked on making the remix of “Alive again. Juliana decided to re-do “Alive again” with Vampino at Swangz Ave studios in Muyenga and unlike the original song that she made with RKay from Kenya, Juliana’s remix which is more of a club banger was produced by Just Jose. Juliana’s verses still remain the same but its Vampino’s rhymes that add an extra vibe to the track.  Hopefully, the artistes are in plans of making the video. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

GNL remixes “Kagutema with  Juliana by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Looks like re- inventing tracks is the way to go in the music industry nowadays. We heard GNL repeating Elly Wamala’s “Ani yali amanyi”, then several others like Bebe Cool, Jose Cham000,000, Iryn Namubiru, Ngoni, Bobi Wine, Juliana all re-did Philly Bongole’s songs.
Recently, Don Mc went in studio and outed “twalyako bye twalya” a song formerly done by fallen star Elly Wamala. Now info coming in is that Songstress Juliana has teamed up with Luga flow maestro GNL Zamba on “Kagutema”  which is perhaps one of the best classics.
First done by the Afrigo band in the early 1990’s, the traditional song has again been re-invented by GNL and Juliana at Swangz Avenue and Benon Mugumbya is the main producer of this respective track.

GNL is behind all the three verses while Juliana throws in the chorus.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Juliana nominated in Nigerian awards by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

By now, everyone will agree with me that Diva Juliana Kanyomozi is the best female artist to come out of this country. She was the first female artist in Uganda to scoop the Artist of the year accolade in the prestigious Pearl of Africa music awards back in 2009; she has several other accolades including the female artist of the year, R&B artist/song, gospel song/ artist among others. Not mentioning the several nods and awards across the region.
Adding to that success, Juliana has received a nomination in this year’s Nigerian Entertainment Awards contending with Fally Ipupa, R2Bees, Winky D Awilo Longoba, and VIP in the Pan African Artist/Group of the Year category. The main event of the NEA (Nigerian Entertainment Awards) is slated to take place on the 4th of September at Sharp Theatre in New York, USA.
Winning artists will also walk away with a cash price and others will get recording deals in some of the best recording studios in Africa.  Meanwhile, the songstress is again among the judges at this year’s Tusker project fame (season 5) that will feature all TFP superstars from previous seasons.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Juliana releases new song “Sanyu Lyange”

She is one artist who bounces back after a two years; she always gives her music a space of two years thus giving us enough time to enjoy her music.  Her latest song is something that she would refer to as a feel good love song. This African Pop song was written in Lugandan by Silver Kyagulanyi and produced by Rinix at Sikia Records. She sings about a love affair and how she found so much happiness. This is of those songs that give people a chance to listen to the words in the song and also get on your feet and dance.


Friday, July 29th, 2011

Juliana impersonated by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Last year, a certain guy was arrested for allegedly stalking her and info coming in this time round is that music diva and one of Africa’s top vocalists Juliana Kanyomozi is fighting impersonators who are soliciting money from her fans. With the ongoing facebook craze taking over, some guys created different facebook Juliana pages as the avenue to get dime from people. “Because facebook is the leading social network, these guys have been tarnishing my name by soliciting money from my fans, friends and well-wishers with reasons of booking shows and interviews. They created over five pages with different info about shows, tours and other related music business. ” Juliana said. She further added that she’s had several phone calls with people accusing her of missing shows and never showing gratitude towards the help they keep giving her. “Let me take this opportunity to tell my fans, friends and music lovers that all the fake pages and profiles have been removed and will not be accessed anymore.  Juliana’s official page is ………………….and just like before, all impersonators will be answerable to the courts of law. ” she concluded.

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Juliana gets nod in Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

She has done it again. Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi has received a nod thus becoming one of the few East African Artists to be nominated in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. Along with Awilo Longomba, VIP, WINKY D, Fally Ipupa and R2 BEES, Juliana is nominated in the Pan African artist/Group of the year. The Awards are presented annually by the NEA producers in the United States for outstanding achievements in Nigerian music, film, Tv, comedy, fashion and radio. The awards ceremony features performances by prominent Nigerian and International artists.
The main event is slated to take place on the 2nd of Sept at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre in New York but prior to the main event, it’s going to be a four day weekend extravaganza which will include Entertainment, Seminars and Networking, picnic and Gala events.

Friday, August 03rd, 2012

Take Five: Juliana Kanyomozi, Uganda’s music diva, took five

Juliana Kanyomozi, Uganda’s music diva, took five with Celine Kihunde.

What’s your greatest fear in life?

My greatest fear in life is failure and disappointment. Naturally, I love perfection. Whatever I lay my hands on, I want it to succeed or turn out exactly the way I want it.

What do you have to say about Nince Henry’s accusations that you stole his song?

Nince Henry’s issue wasn’t such a big deal to me. He wanted to sell a song to me. I went to the studio and did a demo to see if it had the spark that I look for in music. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound so good for me. I returned the song and the demo. I even told him I won’t take it but if he writes other good songs, he should look for me. 

Click here to listen to music from Juliana Kanyomozi

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Monday, November 26th, 2012

Jay Ghartey Features Top Ugandan Singer On New Single

n a move that ultimately puts African music on the global map, sensational Ghanaian-American artiste Jay Ghartey has completed work on his latest single, which features the crown-princess of Ugandan music, Juliana Kanyomozi. Indeed, the synergies of this duet do not only spawn from the unique creativity of both artistes, but also from the fact that the attempt successfully mirrors the huge artistic potential of West and East Africa.
The song, titled “Love You Better,” epitomizes grand quality work in every regard, as it embraces varying musical conventions that makes it different from the typical Hiplife flavour many Ghanaian music-lovers are exposed to.

Thursday, August 22nd 2013

Juliana’s Concert Set for October

For a long time now everyone has been wondering to why song Diva Juliana Kanyomozi has failed to launch or do a concert, well the answer is here.Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has finalized her plans of getting back to her loving funs, and come 18th October this year, the diva is set to hold her music concert at Kampala Serena Hotel Victoria Hall.This will be Juliana’s first concert to her fans in over five years since she called it quits for launches and concerts and decided to concentrate on other business and co-operate functions for performances.She revealed the good news through her Facebook page and it should be remembered that her latest single “Edibba” has been doing good on local air waves.However Juliana is set to have the show at the same date with another upcoming diva Rema on the same date.

Click here to listen to Edibba by Juliana Kanyomozi

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