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Eddie Kenzo, the “Stamina” maestro by 1544c Ssejjombwe.

Idrissa Musuza commonly known as Eddie Kenzo is a multi talented musician who has a made a name in the entertainment industry through hits like Stamina, Nategede,Yanimba with Mickie Wine, Kanambako among others.

Having made his debut in 1997 with Tutese as his first single, the 20year old is the CEO of Big Talent, a musician’s talent group with Big Eye, Zuma, Showcase, Ziwa and Abubaker as other crew members.

With a new artist Golden Award under his name, Kenzo can’t identify his music style saying “Being versatile, my music depends mainly in the moods I’m in. For example I came up with lonely because I was in a sad mood.”

Asked how he came up with his top of the charts Stamina hit, the budding artist said he recorded the track after acquiring it from a free-style. “Earlier, Stamina was just a free style I did when making a valentine show advert at DV8 bar in Luzira but through Lexus Kalema, I found myself writing down verses of the song and then hit Studio afterwards.” the Nategede artist answered.

Amid constant beef from big artists who induce journalists to write trash about upcoming artists, He refutes allegations that he’s not on good terms with fellow musician Aziz Azion like earlier reported by the press.

Kenzo who’s striving at becoming a prominent businessman and household name in the music industry encourages his fans to keep reading musicuganda and to stop believing in gossip and rumors without basis.

Kenzo shurns PAM Awards by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782-233273)

In his first year of participation, local musician Eddie Musuza alias Kenzo last week said he has quit PAM Awards for failing to list his song among the nominees in the song of the year category. Kenzo has now become the fourth artist after Chameleon, Richard Kaweesa and Bebe Cool to snub the most prestigious awards in East Africa.

Dissatisfaction is his major reason for throwing in the towel after his “Stamina” song failed to be listed among the four favorite songs to scoop the award.
“With a lot of expectations, Kenzo couldn’t believe it when he heard that that Kasepeki, Omukwano gunyuma, Vumilia and Amelia were the contending songs for this years song of the year Accolade.” A fellow journalist said.

He also added that it’s complete madness for some of the songs to be listed without Kenzo’s stamina. “I don’t know what the song is about but I just find myself grooving up and down on listening to it.” “The unfairness about the selection of the categories is the reason i’ve quit PAM Awards. As a matter of fact Stamina would have scooped that award if I’m not mistaken because of the success it has received in the region.” The golden new artist of the year winner said.

The “Ntwala Ewamwe” artist was only listed among the new upcoming artists category in the 2010 PAM Awards alongside the Kiwoko boys, Coco Finger and Samalie Matovu of the omukwano Gunyuma fame.

Meanwhile the Hip Hop category was rectified after the Organizing committee members realized that Rabadaba and Mighty Son are not Hip hop artists. Instead they replaced them with Atlas De African and Mun’G who will be tussling it out with Navio and GNL.

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Kenzo remixes “Ekimuli kya Rosa” by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

Following the passing of Fred Maiso, Big Talent’s C.E.O Eddie Kenzo has decided to re-do “Ekimuli ky rosa”, a song that helped the deceased reach greater heights in the music industry. Details about the song haven’t yet emerged but we’ve leant that the “Stamina” artist never seeked for permission from the eagles production to use the song and info fast coming in is that most Eagles production members are so angry with kenzo for making such a drastic decision.
 “Not even a month has passed since Fred Maiso passed on and Kenzo has gone ahead and recorded his song. The least he could do was to at least respect him. Its as though he was waiting for him to die. We are not going to rest until this is solved. “Said one of the band members.”
The song hasn’t been released yet but Kenzo has remained tight lipped about the accusations.
Fred Maiso was one of the pioneer and longest serving band members until his passing a few weeks back.

Saturday, April 07th, 2012

Ug Records to sign Vampino and Kenzo by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273)

After taking Rabadaba to greater heights two years back, Entertainment Company UG Records has this time round embarked on two major projects in Vampino and Kenzo. The record label which has been silent for the last two years after dropping both Rabadaba and Empress has for some time been tracking the two artists and seeing that their careers have steadily been on the increase, decided to give it a shot. According to one of the directors at the muyenga based label, both artists are in the final stages of signing long contracts.“Kenzo is travelling to the UK for Easter concerts a few days from now but when he returns, he’ll be a UG Records artist and for Vampino’s case, we are in the final stages of the contract and come Wednesday this week, we shall be promoting his career.”

UG Records is an entertainment company formed in 2008 and is owned by two journalists. The company is credited for making Rabadaba after especially after he broke the record of getting the biggest crowd ever while launching “Musanvu Kitundu” album  at Kati Kati restaurant a couple of years back.

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Wednesday, July 04th, 2012

Eddy Kenzo to launch

Looks like to every problem there is solution, after a couple of artists cancelled their shows some have braved Jennifer Musisi.  Eddy Kenzo is launching his second album “Ogenda Kunzisa” on 13th July at Kampala Equatorial Parking, 14th July at Satelite beach in Mukono and 15th July Jazz Bridge in Entebbe. The show is sponsored by Balaam Enterprises, Guinness Beer, Akaboozi, Red Pepper, Blue Cube, Big Talent and Bukedde FM. Don’t Miss.

Saturday, June 08th, 2013

Kenzo Wanted by Police

Singer Eddie Kenzo is a wanted man. According to sources, the ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’ singer is wanted by police for allegedly inciting violence where some security officers and other partiers were hurt. According to Jinja District Police Commander, SP Apollo Kateeba, the Big Talent boss is said to have encouraged the revelers at a recent show held at Bugembe Stadium to defend themselves against the security personnel that was manning the stage. According to Kateeba, several police and army personnel are nursing serious injuries while others are massaging broken jaws at different hospitals in Jinja. Among the injured was Tony Atanansius, a journalist in Jinja whose arm is seriously injured.

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Click here to listen to Eddy Kenzo's music

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Click here to listen to Eddy Kenzo's music

Click here to read more about Eddy Kenzo