Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja has been described by many of his fans as the only man that can write what a woman truly feels or what a man feels about her. He is reckoned as one of the best Luganda lyrists that Uganda has today and has many songs to show for it. He is part of the reputable Eagles Productions together with other greats like Meseach Semakula, and Geoffrey Lutaaya.

The young Lutaaya never thought that he would end up being a musician; he thought of joining the army as a young man, enraged by the ill treatment by his stepmother. He was put off but the harshness of the training and recruitment process otherwise he would probably be leading patriotic songs with an Kalashnikov strapped to his back to boost the morale of his fellow soldiers and not giving you beautiful songs like Doreen.
He later came to Kampala and stayed with his mother. He used to write music for plays in school and she liked them but wanted her son to go on and join the University and get a white collar job, not become a musician. After his father passed away and his mother left for Europe, Ronald was pushed against the wall financially and decided he didn't want to dream about getting paid anymore. Even though he had a business studies degree from NCBS, he made up his mind that he wasn't going to look for a job but was going to make a living by adding words to melodies.. maybe the business skills help him to establish what the people want to hear because he's got magic formula at the tip of his tongue.

Soon, he released Sinzoba, his debut album, which Mulindwa Muwonge, then with CBS, helped to publicize on the radio. This helped to expose him as an emerging force and many said he sounded like the late Elly Wamala, as a matter of fact, some thought he was the legend's son. Mayinja is so lucky and gifted to have a melodious voice to project his amorous lyrical concepts.
His early success in the field saw him release Akamanyiiro (1997), Claire (‘98), Necklace (‘99), Njakuloondola (2002) and Doreen (2004). With the birth of TV shows like The Late Show on WBS TV, Ugandan artists realized that the screen was an important ingredient in promoting new projects. Mayinja's was one of the earliest Kadongo Kamu/Contemporary Ugandan artists to make a video and Necklace became an instant favorite with daily rotation on the airwaves. The man was simple but the lyrics were hot, hilarious, loving and precise, the kind needed by married people to rekindle loving thoughts.

The Doreen video starts off with Mayinja taking the Police to arrest Doreen for being so beautiful and yet she rejects him and other men. Mayinja laments and asks himself why she refused to give her love to him and that's the reason he feels she should be under police custody - hilarious, don't you agree?
Mayinja's breed of musicians has scored the best success in the recent entertainment past. He may not be a superstar in Nairobi and Bongo by virtue of the language he writes his music in (Luganda) but he has made a mark in this nation and besides, almost any Ugandan can comprehend Luganda these days. Groups like Eagles Productions, which Mayinja belongs too, are the only entertainment entities that can be sure to have a sold-out show at Nakivubo stadium, which they do all the time. Last month, they spread their wings when went and performed for Ugandans in the UK. Mayinja confessed in a New Vision interview with Joseph Batte last year that he has finally seen financial bliss and has driven many of the cars of his dreams, something he never imagined when he was growing up in Gomba.

Juliana, Bobi, Chameleon to accompany Mayinja by Ultimate Media

The Eagles Production’s star singer, Ronald Mayinja is set to stage three album launches in Kampala and Mukono districts. Mayinja will launch his Land Lord album on Friday July 10th at Hotel Africana in Kampala. On Saturday July 11th Mayinja will stage another launch at Collin’s Hotel in Mukono. The last launch will take place on Sunday at Gaba Beach in Kampala.

At Hotel Africana, the revealers will pay 50,000 shillings for high table seats and the ordinary fans will pay 20,000 shillings. The fans, who will wish to attend the launch from Gaba and in Mukono will each pay 5,000 shillings. The Eagles Production star will be accompanied by musicians Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon, Juliana Kanyomozi, The Obsessions, Amalula Family and Dr. Tee among others.

Mayinja’s Land Lord album has six songs. In the song landlord Mayinja exposes some of the problems caused to people by land grabbers. The album also has two love songs called Kweka (hide) and Londa enumbayo (pick your love number).

Mayinja is known for composing love and controversial political songs. Some of the controversial songs Mayinja has composed include Tulikubunkenke feena (people on political tension), Africa teli ayamba (no one available to help Africa) and Tube kyakulabirako (let us be role models).