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Prince Paul Kafeero is Dead

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With deep sorrow, the family, fellow musicians, friends and fans announce the death Prince Paul Kafeero who passed - on today, Thursday, 17th May, 2007 at 8:30 AM at Mulago Hospital.

For more information, please feel free to call any of the following committee members below.

Party Leader: Mr. James Wasula: +256-772-501487

Treasurer: Mt. John Segawa: +256-752/712-269160

Service-in-charge:Mr. Mugisha Mondo: +256-712-665544

PRO:Kawesa Richard: +256-772-412140

For the Late Paul Kafeero's Biography, call Mr. Mulindwa Muwonge: +256-757-000000

Note: All the Mabugo are recieved through the treasurer Mr. John Segawa.

A photogallery of Prince Paul Kafeero in his happy days

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Condolence Messages

We got the news about the death of our comrade Paulo Kafeero!
Its really a pity that we lost him! It will be hard to replace him, may be even Impossible!
May the Lord give him eternal peace!

Bbaale Aloysius, Munich, GERMANY.

On behalf of the Ugandans  & mostly artists in Brussels , We regret having lost our fellow work mate Prince of Africa Job Kafeero that has been vital in  building up Ugandan music to a higher level!! May his soul rest in peace, family & close friends may the almighty lord strengthen you in this difficult moment..

King D’wizzy Ndawula.. Brussels Belgium

Paul has been an educatng and entertaining musician who has inspired alot of people. When I found out the news in the internet, I was so sad, so very sad. May His Soul rest in enternal peace.

Caster Martins England.

Its too sad that we've lost such a talented musician. He will always be remembered for his touching music. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Abby Kalungi, Cape Town, S outh Africa

Hello all lovers of Paul's music. It’s a pity that our 'Kenny Rogers' and a promoter of poetic Luganda has gone. May his soul rest in peace. We shall miss you Paul because we have no replacement for your intelligent poetry. Always waited for episode 2 of 'Kampala mu Kkooti' but you left us before. May u rest in Peace and may God avail us one like you.

Owen .E. Sseremba, Department of Forest Product's Engineering. Faculty of Forestry, Makerere University. P.O.BOX 7062, Kampala.
Mobile 1: +256 712 860 657, +256 751 860 657, +256 774 085 681

we got the bad news,about our brother Prince Paul kafeero. May God rest him in Peace.we will miss U... May God rest Kafeero's Soul in Peace

Rogers Kibuuka,Sophie Ludes,Elisabeth Hündgen, Jane Krause and our littleTerry C Koeln, Germany

Paul Kafeero, has been the Lord of music, been very aggresive,funny and interesting, it's sad that in my car one of his CD is been playing even up to now I don't know why? God I Love it !! I always change CD's but guess what? Good people Go!!!,I read the newvision online every morning California time,I cried when I read the news,I've always longed to watch him in California we've been promised since 2005 and I really had hopes for atleast to see him one day, I mean physically,Sad I never did and I i'll never ever only in Heaven .May his soul rest in Peace.I know Uganda is going to dearly miss you Paul.


I'ts really unbelievable that music legend Paul Job Kafeero is dead. It really shocked me so much when I learn't of the demise of Uganda's Music legend in the Kadongo kamu category. As a Ugandan and a music fan of Kafeero's music, I will dearly miss him and it fulfills the sayings that "Paul is like a candle in the wind". My condolences go to the family, the music fratenity, his fans and his closest buddies Mesach Ssemakula and Dr. Tee of Kann studio's. SURELY PAUL HAS LIVED HIS LIFE TO THE HILT.

Joel Ssemakula Munyonyo Kampala

Not kind nor bitter words can be used truly in reference to Ugandas fallen music Prince. His legacy will remain fresh in our memories till time memorial. May the Almighty God rest his soul in ultimate peace. 

Luzinda Family,Amsterdam.  

A favourite musician of mine, may He rest in peace, we all miss you Paul.

Robert Ziwa, London

Its so sad & unbelievable that we've  lost such a HERO  like PAUL KAFEERO. I felt like flying back home to be at burial ceremony when I heard that PAUL is dead from my mom. I couldn't believe it until I checked the news,when I saw the news I just started crying because I was so touched  by the news but its all God's plan & since we all pass through the same way its only time & the place that is different. I   SEND MY CONDOLENCES TO HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS & RELATIVES.  MAY GOD STRENGTHEN YOU IN THIS DIFFICULT MOMENT & REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE.WE ARE SO GONNA MISS KAFEERO PAUL BUT NEVER FORGETTING HIM AS OUR  KADONGO KAMU HERO &  ADVISER THROUGH HIS SONG. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ENTERNAL PEACE.TILL WE ALL MEET

Claire Mutebi

Sorry, Its a big loss since 1997 then 07 whats wrong with these years.May u rest in peace

Wasswa Kato

On behalf of Mama Africa Entertainment Jib Katende, We have lost a brother a friend a man with a good heart its so sad that god didnt let him to be with us here as we been planing in July this year, We would like to send our condolence to the family of Prince Job Kafeero. May his Soul Rest in Internal Peace. 

Jib Katende, Sweden Stockholm



On be half of my fellow Ugandans, I really felt sad when I got the news over the internet that the only man who was educative, drammatic, is dead. May his soul rest in Peace and We shall always remember him. May the Almighty God strengthen the family members and to settle all the missunderstanding that may arise.

John Paul" <

He was a real musician, he could sing play the guitar and all his songs couldn't not leave anyone sitting at least one would shake his or her head when listening to his music. His songs were all educative I can't believe his gone Paul will never be replace. May his soul rest in peace on behalf of all Ugandans in Boston MA.

Lumu R Boston MA

Dear Artists of Uganda.
Greetings and best wishes from UK.
l wish to convey  my sincere condolence to all of you for the loss the wonderful artist and musican.
Paul Kafeero.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.
R. M. N Kulabako

Sorry for the passing of Paul kafeero. There is no doubt that he contributed tremendously to Uganda and beyond through his talent. It is heart breaking that he died at such a young age of 39. However, celebrities should make an effort to leave longer especially where that effort is just displine. Please we love you and the world wants you around for a long period. Please celebs! make an effort.

Paul Nsubuga Masaazi, Minnesota, USA

May his soul Rest in peace


It is so sad that you've left us physically. But spiritually, you will always be with us! Your songs will always educate and entertain us.Rest in PEACE man!!!!

Sammy Kasule

My deepest condolences for the loss of my favorite singer Paul Kafeero.  Unlike many musicians who sing only about love and relationships, Paul sang about many other topics that touch all of us dearly.  May the Lord grant his soul eternal rest.

Byekwaso, USA

I and all my friends were deeply shocked by the sad news of Paul's death. May God rest his soul in peace. 

Joseph Kibirige (United Kingdom)

I wont even say much but I know we'll see you again I'm sure of it and even though your gone, you will always live on through your songs and your contribution to Ugandan music and light shall never be faded.

 I would like to encourage you guys for the music industry is clearly heading towards what Paul began so humbly

To Pauls' Family,

The great do not have power and might but a heart and dedication as purest as Pauls' to change others lives, you surely had a special son, brother and above ALL leader, at this point I KNOW UGANDA will always celebrate his life so should you.

To Paul,

I knew  YOU for  hours but your voice still echos as I  struggle with my music career, God how I yarn to talk to you everytime I pick up A tune, you truely are a star that shall forever shine in our lives. RIP MAN!!! SO LONG AND WE SHALL ALL BE TOGETHER AGAIN.


May God rest Kafeero's Soul in Peace

Sunday, October 06th, 2013

Tales of Kafeero, One Little Guitar

I am quite chuffed to finally get hold of my copy of One Little Guitar, a book about my artiste of the moment Paulo Kafeero. It was very thoughtful of you to include the music cd. as well. I cannot wait to go through the 50-plus songs - bless you, my friend. And thanks for the Omo, beans, Royco and bushera (brown porridge). My biggest thanks is for the Kafeero book. I've always been fascinated by the twisting of words and language in these kadongo kamu songs and to be in possession of a book which breaks all these lovely songs up for me, while also telling a story about the genius behind the art is something that makes me immensely proud this very moment. Jal, life away from home is wrought with nostalgia and homesickness. It's, therefore, very natural that your kyeyo man will try very much to be at home in mind and soul. And just as Kafeero is my artiste of the moment, a quick look at the play list of my fellow kinsmen will definitely produce the likes of Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Philly Lutaaya and Larakaraka folks groups. This may not be true for someone on a short visit but for the fellow who lives here and never steps back home for more than two years or so, Philly Lutaaya's Entebbe Wala on his head phones may be his only solace.

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