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Iryn Namubiru

By Julie Erusa

Photos by Megapix

The other half of the former I Jay, Iryne Namubiru comes out to tell us too, what she has been up to. Many people thought because she left Uganda and went to France , she gave up music. Little did you know that she was working on a come back… Well she is back and she is definitely back to hit the Music scenes in Uganda and I guess the whole world.

Iryne best describes herself as an easy going, open and sociable person and she began singing in her childhood. She prefers to explain the kind of music she does according to the countries she stays in i.e. France and Uganda . In France , she does a mixture of Ugandan traditional music where she specializes in instruments like the drums, base, jungle, classical, electral and soul and finally trip hop. She sings in both Luganda and English. With all these styles she listens to all kinds of music and later on picks out different things. While in Uganda , she has tried an album done with the Ugandan taste (I wonder what the Ugandan taste is?) and she has also added a Nujeli Touch to it too. (Nujeli is a group she belongs to back home in France ). The album is basically soul and r`n`b.

Education Background

She had her education at Mityana Senior Secondary School , then she continued to Bugema Adventist (She says that there was a lot singing going on) and then she continued to Namasagali College .

Before she talks about her music career, Iryne would love to say that her first love was acting. She continues to say that in senior one she was known for acting.

Back to music, In Bugema around the early nineties, the children of Bugema Adventist where telecasted on Uganda Television now turned Uganda Broadcasting Corporation every Saturday. During her senior four vacation, she met Ragga Dee and she told him of her ambitions to sing. Since they were neighbours and Ragga Dee was already in the musical scene he accepted to help her out.

She did an audition and joined the Da Hommies, which consisted of Ragga Dee, DJ Messe and Iryne. Altogether the trio released their first single “Bamusakata”. Iryne continues to say that she had her first concert on the 17 th September, 1995 at Fairway Hotel and then that also become her first time to hit the headlines – first had an article in the papers. At this point, she decided to do music professionally and earn money from it but at the same time she also knew that she had to continue with her books. As the story goes, she went back to school and each time she was out of school she went singing.

While in Namasagali, she continued with both acting and singing. When she was done with school, she joined a live bad and they would perform at mainly corporate functions. Along the way she also recorded songs but never released them apart from “never learn to say goodbye” which was also the first song she ever wrote. She also did various radio adverts for various companies like Nile Special.

In 2000, a family friend listened to her cassette why she could not release an album (the usual answer given by everyone when asked why they did not release an album). She replied “no money”. Instead the person came up with an offer of two million. Immediately she got this money, she called up Juliana and asked her what they would do together since both of them were leaving and taking different paths. So they formed I Jay and released a six track album, they never sold the album but they launched it at Sabrina's Pub. She left for France one month after the Launch.

In France

While in France she met Julien Groult who believed in her and always wanted to help her musically and he has continued to help her and she thanks him a lot. With his help she formed the Nujeli group in 2001 and later released an album in 2004. Her first album is titled “Ansobela” and with this album she was nominated for the best female artist in East Africa . At the moment she is putting the final touches onto her second album.
 While in France she joined the electro deluxe (click here;  to read more about the group). They basically play electro-jazz and funk. She has released an album titled “Kuwechi”
 One of the problems faced by Iryne include piracy, exploitation. She has had to learn the mechanism of the Ugandan Music Industry and adopt very fast. The advice she gives to fellow upcoming musicians is to do whatever they think is good.
 Oh her manager is Hope Mukasa and we all know where to find him - The famous Sabrina's Pub on Bombo Road

Iryn Unplugged

Iryn for US

Iryn Upclose

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru is one of Uganda’s top divas. She is proving to be a strong woman from the time she came back from France with a new Album “Nkuweeki”. In 2007 she released the album “Y’ono” then she took a break to expand her family. She now has 2 kids Eko and Al. As we were still enjoying ‘Y’ono’  she releasd the single Nina Omwana, Samwa Samwa  a collaboration with Chameleon and now ‘Omukwano gwaffe’ another master piece from Sylver Kagulanyi and if you think Nkuweeki was big, then this one is set to be even bigger. She has been nominate Best female artist East Africa in 2004 Kora Awards, won Best R’n’B song, Best female Artist Pam awards 2006. She has crossed over to Kenya and Tanzania with her Swahili song “Nikikuona” Iryn plays her cards between France and Uganda, marriage kids and music. It is amazing how she has maintained her good body after having two kids, she is hot. The Album will be out March and a tour beginning June and ending July in Kampala

Iryn rubs shoulders with Ronaldhino by Isaac Ssejjombwe

Singing is definitely her profession but making friends is another of Irene’s specialty as she becomes the first Ugandan to rub shoulders with Ronaldhino one of the best footballers in the whole world. Iryn who’s currently in France attending to her husband and two kids got the golden opportunity while performing in Paris at a classy quartier Latin area hangout place called les trios mailets. Not being a football fan, Iryn didn’t notice the football ace on his entrance as she continued entertaining her fans but when she was told that the two time world player of the year was in attendance, the simbalala artist pulled rare strokes that got him excited thereby inviting her to join him immediately after the performance.

I come from Uganda in East Africa was Irene’s reply when the superstar asked her where such talent comes from and to her sheer surprise, Ronaldinho promised to come to Uganda at the start of next years world cup in South Africa. The former Barcelona and current AC. Milan player missed out a chance to travel to the Pearl of Africa last month when part of the Brazil team traveled to Uganda for charity matches at nakivubo and Mandella national stadiums respectively.

Iryn re-does bona obansinga.

Isaac ssejjombwe.

Local singer Irene Namubiru of the Nkuweki fame has just released the second video of her song bona obasinga.

Irene took the radical decision after her fans and well-wishers advised her to re-do the song for it didn’t meet her standards. “After listening to a few friends, I decided to shoot another video that’s more appealing to the Ugandan standards.” she said.
Irene goes ahead to entirely blame the editor for the mistakes in her first video saying that he exposed most parts of her body The first video was shot by BADI the guy responsible for other videos like Aziz Azion’s Wampisa, Chameleon’s Bassima Ogenze among others while the second one was shot by Blueprints.

Who knows, the video might do wonders for Irene but she would have concentrated on another video instead of re-shooting a video of a song that has been enjoying air-play for one year since its release.

Iryn Namubiru slated to perform @ London’s club Valentino’s (By Lliso Ddene)

Ugandan song diva Iryn Namubiru will be taking the stage in front of a massive European Party Hard crowd at captivating north London Club Valentino’s on her next London tour accurately dubbed “Samwa Samwa” U.K tour organized by none other than Virtual Entertainment UK.

The shows slated for Saturday 3rd July & Sunday  4th July 2010, incidentally coincide with the Uganda Palz Night weekend and are expected to attract a lot of fans and well wishers as was evident @ Desire Luzinda’s unforgettable “Nyumirwanyo Tour” at the same venue early last month.

When contacted for a comment, Iryn Namubiru was in an upbeat mood and seemed quite ecstatic saying she couldn’t wait to rock the London people who have been so helpful and supportive throughout her music career.

As Valentino's is reknown for welcoming party bangers indiscriminately, no one could have seen this one coming. We`ve all heard of lost property in entertainment venues but the club has seen a few brain teasers lately. They`ve included a prosthetic leg and a wheelchair, leaving the Virtual Entertainment management scratching their heads as to how the owners of these items managed to forget them. Probably the obvious answer would be; the clubs great ambience and the crisp clear sound system that invigorates every night owl after a few drinks...

Londoners, Valentino is this summer`s mammoth celebration spot, that means not only big names in music will flock the venue but also the city`s famous parade. This season`s theme is through the ages of "rawk `n` roll", so ladies & gentlemen get ready to feast your eyes and ears on this bionic and supple waisted diva Iryn who has promised to unwrap many of her new tunes on this tour and leave naysayer’s jaws agape with bewilderment.

For info; email: or Call +256792786699

Iryn Namubiru wows at London’s Club Valentino’s (Liiso Dene)

Brace yourselves for this one. Just when some disgruntled geezers debated the notion that  Virtual Entertainment was all about motor mouths and braggadocio in a slew of gossip and bitchiness worthy of a teenage girl’s sleepover party, news hit home from a new pub entrant who confirmed to their disbelief, that indeed Iryn Namubiru had arrived in London for her gig and he had physically seen her. Patched in one corner of one of London’s favorite Ugandan pubs that I frequent when in need of a plethora of gossip, I had disguised my true identity in a Ghana world cup T-shirt, these fellas couldn’t figure out I was Ugandan for I comfortably kept an expressionless face as I sipped on a lager and heard them inanely battle it out that it was “ekiwaani” that they wouldn’t fall for.
After I had had my fill of both, I left for Club Valentino’s and was glad that I had just arrived in time when the national anthem was being played.  Mc Paddy Dee announced Iryn’s grand opening. The lights were off and on for a second and voila; there was Iryn in a haze of smoke, ninja style; and as if she had just read my mind, she immediately hit the mic with “byebakubulira tebikuwugulanga, ebisinga samwa samwa”. The audience answered back ecstatically but my attention had already been distracted by this onion shaped beauty  by my side that kept gyrating her waist paka chini and tantalizing my manhood.
After a few more shots of Uganda Waragi, I mustered the courage to offer her a drink to which she retorted brazenly “Moet champagne”. Luckily a bottle is affordable @ £50 in this club unlike central London nightclubs where it could leave you £120 less. Since dancing is not my forte, I capitalized on this opportunity and chose one cosy corner where we sat and explored each other’s “potential” as we sipped away on the frothy drink feeling the club`s murderous Bass line. This kyana kept my blood boiling that I didn’t catch anymore of the action on the dance floor except for the few announcements I heard from Mc Paddy Dee about Dj Collz’ upcoming birthday Bash on the 17thJuly 2010. It finally dawned on me that these chaps of Virtual Entertainment. seem by far unlikely to quit this entertainment game as it`s not in their DNA, when I heard something about the Goodlyfe duo “Radio and Weasel”, performing live at the same plush club come this October.
By 4am this babe whose name I had already established, but will prefer to keep anonymous for future’s sake, decided it was time to put my gentility to the test and asked me to drop her home. I calmly said I would be honored and she excused herself. That is when I saw my chance and scampered out where I got the morning bus back to my baby mama. I hope she doesn’t read this and ruin my plan to go back to this unresistable club Valentino this Saturday, for Collz’ bash dubbed "The Denim Affair".

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Iryn Namubiru Releases new song.

"Byambirigo" is an up tempo song, say Dance hall. Iryn is showing how versatile and dynamic she is in this style. Well it talks about "love" and "lies" two people in a relationship where one person is the one putting in a lot more effort to make it work. After, "Samwa Samwa","Begombeko" in totally different styles, this is yet another hit where Iryn does the Patua . The Song was written by herself and produced by Washington

Thursday, December 09th, 2010

Iryn Namubiru crowned diva artist of the year by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256-782233273)

It seems Iryn Namubiru is unstoppable this year going by the Accolades she‘s scooping in the various Awards she’s nominated in. Music Uganda exclusively reports.

After scooping the female artist of the year in the just concluded Pam Awards, Irene ounce again took home the most valuable accolade (female artist of the year) in the Diva’s Awards.

The “Begombeko” artist beat off stiff competition from Diva’s like Cindy, Juliana, Grace, Jackie and Angella Katatumba. However, Iryn wasn’t the only winner because other artists like Samalie Matovu won both the song and new Diva for 2010. Rachael K was also among the big winners as she scooped two awards in best video and special Achievement.

1 on 1 with Iryn Namubiru

Describe Iryn Namubiru

Iryn is a very sociable and down to earth person.

What are you working on at the moment; do you have an album in mind?
I am actually taking time off with my family and continuing to compose songs whenever I can. I am thinking of an album some time this year.

1 on 1 with Iryn Namubiru

Describe Iryn Namubiru

Iryn is a very sociable and down to earth person.

What are you working on at the moment; do you have an album in mind?
I am actually taking time off with my family and continuing to compose songs whenever I can. I am thinking of an album some time this year.

Friday, 15th July, 2011

Iryn Namubiru ‘Live’ at the ‘Begombeko’ Album Launch In Boston

By Ronnie Mayanja ~ Iryn Namubiru made the long awaited stop over in Boston to launch her new ‘Begombeko’ album. The event held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Cambridge was sponsored by Keenote Entertainment and drew revellers from Boston and beyond. Iryn first rose to fame in 1999 together with Juliana Kanyomozi her former school mate at Namasagali College, when the two formed part of the very first R&B all girl music duo called I-Jay.

Artist Of The Year 2011 PAM Awards Nominee Iryn Namubiru in "BIROWOOZO" live Concert on 14th October at Hotel Africana 20,000 and VIP 50,000. You shouldn't miss this great concert.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Irene proves a point at album launch by 1544c ssejjombwe. (+256 782233273).

Her “Biroowozo” album launch has by far been the most attended this year, beating heavy weights like Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Goodlyf and Mesach Ssemakula among others.
Irene Namubiru’s album launch was held last Friday with a full house, superb performances and great sound.

Judith Babirye, Eddie Kenzo, Sweet Kid, Diamond Oscar and the Goodlyf duo of Moses Radio and Weasel were among the supporting artists before Irene took to the stage at 10:30pm. Backed by fusion band, Irene opened up her act with Nkuweki , then went on with several of her tracks from previous albums like Njakunoba, Omukwano Gwafe, Simbalala and Bona obasinga before she performed “Biroowozo” which is the title track of the album.

Irene returned shortly after her musical break and performed “Nabuulo, Yani which she did with Samalie Matovu and Kawoowo off her 2011 album. Africana people’s space was the venue for this year’s Pearl of Africa Music Awards most nominated artist and reigning Diva awards female artist of the year.

Tuesday, 08th November, 2011

Iryn crowned artist of the year by 1544c Ssejjombwe. (+256 782 233273)

“Unless it’s Iryn, I believe I’m the other artist to win the artist of the year.” This was a statement Bebe Cool made when asked who he thought would walk away victorious at the Pam awards main event last saturday and soon after winning it, Irene who as well took home the female, RnB single and Album of the year said “I thank Bebe Cool for predicting that I’m going to win this award.”
Angella Kalule’s “Katikitiki” was voted the best live band single and song of the year while Bebe Cool just like last year won both the male and reggae awards respectively.

Keko’s “How we do” was voted the Hip Hop single for 2011 while Jose Chameleon is the afrobbeat artist and Talk n talk by the goodlyf emerged this year’s afrobeat single. The video of the year went to “Agassi” while Nince Henry who’s behind “Minzani”, “Biroowozo”, “Buyonjo” among others was crowned the song writer of the year. Audio producer went to Paddyman while Chris Evans beat Mun G to win the best new artist. Going by the votes, Coco Finger come out the Ragga artist as Hilderman’s “Abite Ebikute” beat off Pr Wilson Bugembe’s “Lengela Embatta and “Bamuyita yesu” to win the gospel single in one of the surprises of the night.

After winning both kadongokamu artist and Kadongokamu single, Mathias Walukagga gave one of the awards to his longtime rival Samona products proprietor Salongo Kasawuli.
In some of the controversial categories, Eagles Production won the best live band category beating Afrigo, Quela and Sundowners who are genuine band groups. Navio on the other hand won the Hip Hop artist, a category many expected Mun G to win.

However, this year’s accolades arrived in the country late last Sunday yet the event took place on Saturday and that is precisely why winning artists didn’t go home with their awards.
Besides giving away awards, the evening saw a few artists perform including Ronald Mayinja, Mith and Navio, Angella Kalule and chozen & Walden but the artists who thrilled the audience include Chris Evans,Jackie, Mun G and Bebe Cool.

The lifetime achievement award went to Alosious Matovu Joy of the Bakayimbira Dramactors.

Wednesday, May 07th, 2013

Local singer Iryn Namubiru has been arrested in Japan after being found in possession of contraband drugs.

Namubiru travelled to Japan last Thursday for a music concert at the Golden Holy Week.Apart from performing at the concert, Namubiru had hoped to meet Ugandans living in Japan. The concert was scheduled to take place at theYotsukaido Cultural Hall. Sources say that the promoter of the show identified as Kim Ueno was not someone that could be trusted, but Namubiru did not take heed like other musicians, Dj Michael and Hildaman who cancelled the deal. The incident comes against the backdrop of the arrest of former Ugandan minister Isaac Musumba, MP Michael Mawanda and a Kampala businessman in India over 

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Friday, May 10th, 2013

Iryn Namubiru who is in a Japanese cell in Tokyo could face life imprisonment or the death sentence if obtained information is something to go by. Snoops can reveal that according to Japanese laws, drug trafficking is a capital offence punishable by the death sentence.

The ‘Nkuweki’ star was arrested two days ago and is still detained after she was allegedly found in possession of pellets stashed inside matooke. “Investigations are going on to establish the truth. But her situation does not look pretty at the moment.” A source said. Namubiru has however maintained her innocence and has since claimed that the matooke she was arrested with had been given to her by a person in Uganda to deliver it to their relatives in Japan. The source further added; “Iryn says she had had no knowledge of what she was carrying”. However our correspondents in Japan claim police are following up on leads that Iryn has previously travelled with the same suspicious peeled matooke. This has happened for three times though she always got away with it until her luck run out last week. It should be noted that on May 14th 2011, High Court in Japan handed a death sentence to a Ugandan identified as Emmanuel whom they found guilty of drug trafficking. He was found with 427.9gm of Metamphetamine and 14,256.8gm of cannabis. In the same year 25th October, the High court also convicted Takeuchi, 39, a Japanese woman of the same crime of drug trafficking. As you read this, Iryn’s Manager Thaddeus Mubiru who has still refused to talk to the press has been seen frequently seeking help from the government officials.

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Dear Sirs,

it is a sad story that one of Uganda's top musicians, Iryn Namubiru is said to have been arrested over drugs in Japan. As a Ugandan living here, I feel very sorry for our community and national image given the fact that she is a national idol who is supposed to promote our country.On the other hand, it would be no suprise if she was set up to carry drugs for her "promoter" using the names of Kim Ueno given his real names as KIIM TUMWESIGYE.Kiim Tumwesigye is not only unemployed in Japan, but also a known broker and dealer for stolen vehicles, ugandan passports and drugs. He is also the chairman of NRM/O Japan Chapter, a group that is neither registered in Uganda nor Japan, that was set to utilize Ugandan taxpayers' money to live a luxurious lifestyle.  Why use the names of Kim Ueno if doing genuine business?  Unconfirmed talk is that KIIM TUMWESIGYE (Kim Ueno) fleed Japan and he is in Nairobi hoping to travel by road to Uganda.  KIIM TUMWESIGYE claims that he was in CMI and quit the military intelligence to help his former bosses utilize their monies doing business in Japan.  Ugandan musicians that came to Japan to perform for the 50th anniversary independence day will tell you how much they suffered here and how he tried to cheat them.

George Sekandi,

Tokyo, Japan

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Namubiru was set-up but

Ray of Hope as Japanese in Drug Possession can often Avoid Court by paying $2,000 but Foreigners end up in Court where they normally attract a Mere Suspended Sentence rather than jail terms Detained Singer Iryn Namubiru could walk away with a suspended sentence or a ban from entering Japan for a certain period of up to around 5yrs, instead the more feared jail term.  Japanese who are arrested for drug possession can often avoid a court appearance by paying police $2,000 or so. Foreigners usually end up in court.  Increasingly foreigners arrested for drugs are given suspended sentences rather than jail terms. But suspects are often denied a bond and kept in jail until they are brought to trial. Irene Namubiru got a Japanese lawyer on Friday afternoon who was scheduled to visit her at today Saturday at around 5AM East African Time at Chiba Police station in Tokyo. Word out is Dr. Hilderman could have been aware of this deal. The Investigator learnt that it was Hilderman who contacted Irene Namubiru for the Tokyo concert deal, and was supposed to be performing too. But he made a last minute change of plan and cancelled his trip allegedly because he failed to obtain a Japanese Visa. On this claim, however, consular office sources in Nairobi say that they have no record of any visa application by ‘Dr.’ Hilderman.

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Iryn Namubiru releases statement on Facebook and new single

To all you lovely people, friends, family, colleagues, media,r eligious leaders, police, fellow musicians, anonymous, who have been there for me, prayed for me, supported and helped me in any way, I can never be thankful enough!!!. Thank you so much, I know I am loved.
Due to the nature of that incident, I cannot be talking about it in detail. And for that reason, I have talked to absolutely no one about it. I have not spoken to 'The New Vision', I have not spoken to 'Isaac Baligema of 'The New Vision' and I have made no confessions nor have I talked about any one. Truth be told!!!!. I do not intend to hold a press conference, and have no plans of doing any interviews for now. I however, promise to give you my statement here on face book as I gave it to the Japanese police officers, customs officers and the prosecutor as well as my experience in Chiba police headquarters detention center soon.  Hear this. I was never ' indicted' never 'indicted' never 'indicted' so there was no possible trial and therefore, I never stood before the judge!!! In fact, there was all the evidence that I was innocent. And now, my witnesses, Japanese authorities. Not even a million dollars would have saved my life!!!!

I am on my way back home, I will be happy to be back with you again.

Thank you so so so much, may the good Lord reward you all abundantly.
See you tomorrow, (Monday, 27th May, 2013)

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Monday, May 27th, 2013

Singer Iryn Namubiru Returns

Singer Iryn Namubiru has returned home from Japan. The songbird touched down Entebbe Airport on Monday afternoon.Namubiru's fans drove in a procession from the Entebbe to Kampala causing a heavy traffic jam along Kampala- Entebbe Road. She has for the last two weeks been through hell following her arrest at Nikita international Airport in Japan in possession of drugs. The music star had gone to Japan to perform for the Ugandan community there after a lucrative deal was brokered by Hakim Tumwesigye who resides there.

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Friday, September 28th, 2013

Iryn set to launch – October 04th 2013

Iryn Namubiru will host us to a musical concert dubbed Tebiba Bingi. It will take place on th 04th, 05th and 06th of October, 2013. The show is sponsored bu Monberg Lager, Mirinda Apple, GOTV, Capital FM, Beat FM, SMS One, Water Front Club, Silk Events and Balaam Enterprises. Other artists will include Fusion band, Radio & Weasle, Dr Jose Chameleone, Dr Hilderman, Liane and Khalifah Aganaga

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